Dr. John Recorded an Album Before He Died


Sources close to Mac “Dr. John” Rebennack have confirmed the celebrated New Orleans musician recorded one last album ahead of his untimely death last week. Rolling Stone reports that the project is a mix of new originals, country-tinged covers and reworked Dr. John classics that were recorded with a series of New Orleans session musicians over the last two years. “Towards the beginning, I don’t think Mac realized it would probably be his last record, but towards the end, I think he knew,” guitarist Shane Theriot says of the final LP. The project was recorded at New Orleans’ Esplanade Studios and the homes of Rebennack and Theriot, and features covers of country classics such as “Old Time Religion” (a duet with Willie Nelson) and Johnny Cash’s “Guess Things Happen That Way.” Details of the completed album, such as title and release date, are still in flux. Rebennack died of a heart attack on June 6. He was 77.